Green Financing

Sustainability is a key component of Reginn’s business strategy. We are committed to the development and management of real estate in a sustainable fashion, advancing the well-being of our community, improving both quality of life and environment for our tenants. We at Reginn believe that investments and property management are long term projects and we believe that sustainability is key to reducing risk and creating profitability and value in the long run.

At Reginn, we are aware that managing and developing real estate has a significant effect on the environment and the quality of life for our tenants. Tens of thousands of people spend time in our real estate buildings daily, both for work and leisure. With strategic actions in real estate management, investment and development, and by collaborating with our tenants, Reginn aims to play a large part in shaping people’s environments to make their daily lives better, safer and more enjoyable.

In 2019 we established our formal sustainability policies with clear goals for environmental, social and economic sustainability. With constant improvements as our guideline, we have set clear company-wide goals for sustainability. Results are systematically measured, and staff, customers and investors are regularly informed of the goals and the milestones achieved.

The Green Finance Framework is consistent with the Green Bond Principles 2018 (GBPs). The Framework is reviewed by an external impartial firm, CICERO Shades of Green, that has provided a second opinion to confirm the alignment of the Framework with the GBPs. To ensure full transparency, Reginn will publish an Annual Impact Report as long as it has Green Financing Instruments outstanding.